The best of the cruises are offered here with choice of boats, destination and activities. Glorious Ha Long Bay is a must when you are visiting Vietnam, so do it in style!
If you want a more varied experience and wish to stay on an islands and do more kayaking and trekking then you may like to try one of these action packed tour.
Bai Tu Long Bay is equally beautiful but has fewer tourists. Kayaking, swimming, trekking and cooking are all on offer and there is more chance to meet the local people.



The rich diversity of the ecosystems of Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay, and Bai Tu Bay means that the areas have a high level of biodiversity of both plant and animal species. There is even a great diversity in the type of marine habitats in the area which can support different types of marine wildlife.

Many of the karsts are decorated with thick patches of subtropical, evergreen forests which cling to the islands. Also, in the right season, many flowers such as orchids bloom on the rocks decorating the peaks with little bursts of colour. These cliff face gardens make the perfect habitats for coastal birds.

The underwater landscapes of Ha Long Bay are equally as fascinating as those above sea level with areas of tropical ocean, salt water flooded forests, coral reef and mangrove forests. 

the coastline of Hạ Long Bay

The coral reef system is made up of 163 different species of coral which create a fascinating and colourful underground world whilst also proving a home for the hundreds of species of marine wildlife including fish, shellfish, squid and cuttlefish. As well as the colourful rainbows of fish, the bays are also home to larger animals such as seals and dolphins.

The salt water-flooded forests in Halong area

The tropical rainforests on the larger islands are home to many different types of mammal, including some rare species. Deer, weasels, squirrels and different types of monkeys can be found in the larger forested areas.
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