The best of the cruises are offered here with choice of boats, destination and activities. Glorious Ha Long Bay is a must when you are visiting Vietnam, so do it in style!
If you want a more varied experience and wish to stay on an islands and do more kayaking and trekking then you may like to try one of these action packed tour.
Bai Tu Long Bay is equally beautiful but has fewer tourists. Kayaking, swimming, trekking and cooking are all on offer and there is more chance to meet the local people.



Travelling is an art form. It is easy to visit a place to merely see the sights and tick it off the list. To truly experience the place and understand what it is you are seeing, it requires a little more finesse. We feel that in order to get the most out any experience, you need to fully immerse yourself in the culture, history and people of the country. That's where we want to help you. We want to give you an authentic Vietnamese experience, showing you not only the most incredible landscapes of Vietnam but also taking you into the heart of Vietnamese culture and revealing its fascinating past.
We understand that when it comes to travel, it isn't a one size fits all situation. That is why we have developed this website, enabling you to choose your ideal adventure in Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay and Bai Tu Long Bay.
There are plenty of options allowing you to choose the length of the trip, the type and standard of the boat and which activities you would like to do.

Our boats - Traditional Junks or Modern Cruisers

We use traditional junks which have the added bonus of being able access the narrow waterways which are not suitable for the larger cruisers.
All of the boats we use are well equipped and safe, as well as being very comfortable for spending the night on the bay.
We also can offer new and modern cruise ships which can be as grand as a luxury floating hotel.

Our Staff and Service

Being a family company with loyal, long-serving staff, we are totally committed to being successful, and we can only do that by offering consistently top quality service to our clients. We make sure that you book the trip that is right for you. We work in close collaboration with the cruise staff and will be there to guide you through the tours. Our guides have received excellent training and speak English and/or French. They know the destinations, history, and culture inside out, and offer friendly, entertaining and efficient service at every stage of your journey.

Our fantastic food

During your trip, you will be served lots of delicious Vietnamese food. As Ha Long Bay is renowned for its top quality seafood, many of the meals will feature seafood dishes. The dishes here are famed for their flavour, freshness and exquisite presentation. If you are vegetarian or have special dietary needs please tell us when you make your booking.

Our policy on responsible travel

As a company, we feel that we have a responsibility to our community and environment. We are committed to supporting the local community by sharing the benefits of our business. We are also committed to protecting the environment and make sure to travel responsibly wherever we go. By travelling with Halong Wonders you can be sure that you will be giving a helping hand to the local community.
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